Upcoming events

Here are any events that we have coming up at the arena along with details.


Gary Leffew Bull riding school

Rob Smets and Miles Hare Bull fighting school

Gary and Rob will be conducting their respective schools concurently at the arena starting on March 28th through the 30th.


Cost for the bull riding school is $525.00 per student but, if a person can't make it each day, Gary will prorate the cost to $200.00 for each day they attend.  You can contact Gary and coordinate payment by going to his web site

http://www.leffewbullridingworld.com/ or  His Facebook  page https://www.facebook.com/Gary.Leffew.BullRiders.Only.

For the bull fighting school, contact Chris Hammack @ 254-421-2773 for details and contact infor.